DMA Data Protection 2013: The impact of new European data regulations on marketers and consumers

Joseph Clift

There is a big change coming in the way European companies with an online presence do business.

The European General Data Protection Regulation, an update on the European Union's existing 1995 data protection laws to take account of online media, was submitted by Commissioners in Brussels in draft form in January 2013. After tabling amendments and revisions to these proposals, MEPs in the European Parliament are likely to vote to adopt the Directive later this year. After that, the 27 EU member states will implement the Directive in the form of new national laws. In other words, the exact nature of the coming change is still up for debate. 

Reflecting the importance of the issue, the UK Direct Marketing Association (DMA) gathered a range of speakers to discuss the implications of the new laws for both marketers and consumers at Data Protection, an event held in London in February 2013.

The proposals