Music for Life: Make it to Muse

Agency: Mortierbrigade Brussels
Advertiser: Studio Brussels
Brand: Music for Life
Country: Belgium


Music for Life (invented by radio station Studio Brussels and hereinafter referred to as: MfL) grew into a unique brand in 6 years time. The combination of live radio and events succeeded in drawing attention to forgotten world problems, raising funds for them and being a big, warm party at the same time.

Although a new record amount was collected year after year (€ 7,142,716 in 2011)1, Studio Brussels decided to reinvent MfL in 2012. Attention would, henceforth, not be drawn to world problems (such as AIDS orphans or undrinkable water), but to local problems in Flanders (the Northern, Dutch-speaking part of Belgium). Moreover, it was the intention not to have Music for Life revolve around money, but around commitment.