DNB: Supersave

TRY Reklamebyrå AS

Entry Information

Country where program ran: Norway
Program start date: 09/01/12
Program end date: 12/31/12
Advertiser/Client Name: DNB
Product/Service Description: Savings Agreement / Private Market Monthly savings – fixed amount, decided by the customer Default product: SuperSave
Category: Financial Products and Services (FPS)


Business problem

Norwegians don't like postponing consumption, and putting aside money "for a rainy day" has never been typically Norwegian – and their lack of savings has stood in sharp contrast to their willingness to take up loans. This in spite of the best efforts of the banks, who have regularly tried to encourage increased levels of saving. Normally DNB signs 70-80,000 new savings plans per year – regardless of how much money they have invested in savings campaigns. The marketing of savings products has never really broken any new ground, and the banks' market shares in the savings has also stayed relatively constant.