Hornbach Baumarkt AG: Make it your project

HORNBACH is a DIY specialist with 130 DIY stores in nine European countries. With its “Make it your project” campaign, HORNBACH managed to pinpoint people's emotional state like no DIY store ever before. There is no other explanation for the campaign's overwhelming success on all levels during the crisis. HORNBACH successfully distinguished itself from competitors as a project DIY store that caters to the needs of DIY-ers.


Business Objectives

  • Keeping up with the industry's anticipated growth rate (+2%)

  • Extending HORNBACH's penetration to achieve sales goal

Communication Objectives

  • Transforming HORNBACH into a leading brand

  • Distinguishing brand images

  • Increasing sympathy for the brand


Alongside the core target group of consumers with DIY affinity, the entire public needed to be targeted and emotionally charged.