Colorado Technical University: CTU: Are You In?

Business situation

Who is CEC?

Career Education Corp (henceforth: CEC) owns a diverse portfolio of for-profit education properties, ranging from full-service universities to more specialized trade schools in the health, culinary, and art and design fields. Colorado Technical University (henceforth: CTU) is one of CEC's two general ed university properties, with a comprehensive online offering as well as a national network of campuses.

The category

The non-traditional, for-profit secondary education category has experienced rapid and sustained growth over the past decade, but this "all-boats-rising" period is now complicated by several factors:

The as yet undifferentiated marketplace has generated a crowded and increasingly competitive field. While University of Phoenix has long been the 800-lb. gorilla in this space, spending at least $100MM annually in marketing, many others have entered the fray and grown rapidly.