EmblemHealth: Lunch Pail

Hacker Group

Entry Information

Country where program ran: United States
Program start date: 06/11/12
Program end date: 02/08/13
Advertiser/Client Name: EmblemHealth
Product/Service Description: Health Insurance coverage designed for Labor Unions
Category: Insurance (IS)


Business problem

EmblemHealth, a health care insurance provider in New York, has a long, proud history of serving many labor unions in the area. As part of their dedication to organized labor, they recently created a Shared Administrative Advantage (SAA) program specifically for unions. This program could save unions a significant amount of money, but most union fund administrators aren't aware that it exists. EmblemHealth wanted appointments with union administrators, but federal laws strictly limit the size of gifts that can be offered to entice fund trustees—the bulk of our target—to make an appointment.