– Facebook Inauguration Collaboration

Category: Single Media Company Activation
Brand/Client: CNN Marketing & On-Air Promotions
Primary Agency: CNN Marketing & On-Air Productions
Media Agency: RET Media/Turner Broadcasting
Contributing Agencies: CREW Creative


The 2008 Presidential election was the biggest, most closely watched election in at least a generation. CNN seized this opportunity and re-asserted our brand leadership in political news coverage, an extremely competitive category with big dollars at stake, and bested our cable, broadcast and digital competitors on-air and online. The Presidential Inauguration presented an equally unprecedented opportunity to not only further demonstrate our brand leadership as the place for news, but to connect and engage with our audience, allowing viewers to experience an historic event in an entirely new way. Specifically,'s collaboration with Facebook offered those unable to be at the Inauguration in person an opportunity to witness the historic event firsthand while also connecting with their friends in real-time. Once the technological feasibility was established, the partnership got the green light and the directive to help make this not only a momentous occasion, but also the largest event in Internet history to date.