U.F.O. (Understanding Fifties and Over)

Getting Older, Thinking Younger

Jo Rigby
OMD UK Group, United Kingdom.


After years of being ignored, patronised and avoided by the media and marketing industry in the United Kingdom, the over 50s are suddenly a hot topic. Marketers are slowly waking up to the demographic revolution that has seen the over 50s audience grow at a rapid rate, currently standing at 40% of the adult population. The problem many of them are facing is that there is little information about this audience, as they have been ignored in terms of research as well. Rather scarily, what replaces insight are lots of stereotypes and rather old-fashioned beliefs, based on an older consumer from times gone by.

OMD set out to deliver the largest consumer insight project into today's older consumers, and help our clients make decisions on how they should be approaching this demographic. We called our project U.F.O. – Understanding Fifties and Over. Several advertisers and media owners joined us: Saga, The Telegraph and Peugeot.