Brazil leads in BRICs brands

Jerry Clode
Added Value

Brazilian brands have spread internationally by promoting a national cultural narrative, in contrast to China and India where brands tend to hide their cultural origin.

The acronym BRIC captures the new wave of economic dynamism and consumerism in Brazil, Russia, India and China. Each nation is humming along with annual GDP growth well above mature economies. However, in terms of leveraging economic success to create international brands – the acronym is probably best pronounced with a strong B, weak R, and almost silent I and C.

While Brazil's brands are deservedly capturing international attention and allegiance, China and India's attempts have largely been incoherent, awkward and dogged by an unhelpful level of self-righteousness.

Recently, some businesses of Chinese and Indian origin have entered lists of the world's most valuable brands – but they are not leveraging anything recognisably Chinese or Indian in achieving consumer patronage internationally. Looking more closely at brands such as Indian car-maker Tata, Chinese computer brand Lenovo, or white goods maker Haier, reveals that they are actually anchoring success on strategically hiding signs of their national origins.