The National HIV Council: F**K TREE

Starcom Sweden/Le Bureau


"When you have sex with somebody, you're having sex with everybody they ever had sex with." We've all heard it. But in Sweden, the sexually over-ambitious people had stopped listening.

Even though awareness of HIV and STDs was high, only 56% of Sweden's young adults aged 18-29 thought condoms were necessary during casual sex.

We had to be more than provocative. We had to get personal and graphic. We had to seduce the minds of the target, to create advocates who would start spreading the word -among themselves.

Our campaign created a moral panic, generated a media frenzy and became the most talked about campaign in Sweden at the time. What was all the fuss about? For the newly established National HIV council we created and promoted a web application called the F**K TREE, it generates a tree out of your Facebook friends and their friends to illustrate how many people you've potentially had sex with.