Agency: Doyle Dane & Bernbach Author: Robin Donin

Heinz Canned Coleslaw


In the year to April 1979, the prepared salads market was worth 16 million and represented a volume of 6.l million dozen packs. The overall market was split between the chilled salads sector with 71% of volume and the canned salads sector with 29% of volume.

H J Heinz had approximately 98% of the canned sector with four varieties. The company was interested in building its business through extending its range. Research revealed that, in functional terms, prepared salads polarised into substantial staple salads such as vegetable and potato - and lightweight garnishes such as celery and cucumber.

Coleslaw, positioned between these extremes, represented over 80% of the chilled salad sector. Due particularly to its 80% share, Heinz Canned Coleslaw therefore represented, theoretically, the best opportunity for an additional variety.