Shopper marketing: The schizophrenic shopper

Michelle Whelan

A major new shopper study identified six key behavioural types characterised by their purchase decision-making and their response to price and promotion, which varies by category.

The growth of shopper marketing has been exponential in recent years, with marketers having an unprecedented understanding of the shopper and the shopping experience. The segmentation of the shopper is a hot and important topic, with brands and retailers creating, re-creating and re-cutting shopper segmentations year in year out. Which, of course, leads us to ask how many segmentations really exist, and how do brands design activities for all of these?

We recently carried out our most comprehensive shopper study to date with 13,000 shoppers across the US and mainland Europe, and a further 5,000 in the UK.

The PeopleShop study revealed the true complexity of today's shopper by identifying six key archetypes, all of whom have very different paths to purchase. In addition to shopper archetypes, the study also revealed that shopper behaviour is driven by risks and rewards associated with a particular product or category. Further still, shoppers behave differently within each of these categories.