The New Shopper Journey Touchpoints: How Non-Store Retail Will Influence the Shape of Retailing of the Future

Danielle Pinnington
Shoppercentric Ltd, United Kingdom


Today we have enormous opportunities to engage with our peers through the new technologies available. We can share our thoughts, ideas and activities quickly across a wide number of friends / contacts, so new trends and news can spread at a much greater pace than ever before.

Plenty of businesses have tried to use these opportunities to engage with their target market and potential shoppers in order to drive sales, but not always with the success they might have hoped for. And with M-commerce tipped to be the next big thing in retail and the increasing spread of contactless payment, how should businesses be ensuring they get it right for their shoppers?

By interviewing shoppers we investigate the role that social media and mobile commerce plays with specific reference to shopping habits. We look at how the innovation is creating new touchpoints for businesses on the five steps of the purchase journey – from ‘Trigger’ to ‘Purchase’. We look at how businesses could make better use of these touchpoints if they understand shoppers’ needs and behaviours at each point in the journey.