Adopt new technology to be more fleet-footed in market research

Jill Telford

The pressure on marketers to deliver faster advertising return on investment should be a good thing for the research industry because it forces us all to question some fundamental research practices.

The most notable of these is client dependence on long surveys, which ultimately means a longer research process. This tendency to 'boil the ocean' on a regular basis usually stems from an innate fear of missing something important. The truth is that, while clients do recognise the need to streamline their research to save time and safeguard data quality, many remain reluctant to make a tradeoff between real information needs and quality. Research buyers spend huge sums on tracking research, yet our research shows that 70% of clients are worried about data-quality because their questionnaires are too long. Some clients even admit that up to 90% of tracking data can be redundant, partly because change is not constant and partly because many questions are simply unnecessary.