KFC: KFC $10 Sunday Buckets

Campaign summary:

KFC has the fortune of being one of America's most iconic brands, but like any classic brand there is a constant fight to stay top of mind for consumers in today's world. While competitors continued to introduce new menu items that were quick and designed for the modern on-the-go lifestyle, our core product was perceived as the opposite: a classic food you eat when slowing down and sitting down. This had pushed KFC into the consideration set for special occasions only. In consumer's minds, KFC was most appropriate when everyone had a reason to get together and spend time around the table. KFC addressed this challenge with the $10 Sunday Bucket campaign, which reasserted the brand's relevance to consumers during a very special day of the week for food and family. KFC sought to help the consumer realize that every Sunday was worth getting together for, with the Colonel's chicken at the center of the table.

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