Stella Artois – sometimes it's not what you say, or even how you say it. It's where you set it



Stella Artois 4% was created to capitalize on an opportunity. Premium lager drinkers were switching to lower strength products for 'mid-tempo' occasions, and they wanted a 4% lager which still had the badge value of the stronger premium brands.

It proved difficult to create that badge value in the traditional Stella Artois brand world of rural Belgian villages. That world had been a great place to tell stories about the quality of the product (which was essential in the brand's early years) but Stella Artois was now a mass-premium brand and it needed to project a lifestyle that modern lager drinkers wanted to buy into.

And so we made a strategic decision. Not a decision about message or tone of voice, but a decision about setting. We turned a potentially generic product benefit – smoothness – into the brief for a whole new brand world.