Roche – Neulastim DM

Category: Single Channel Focus Campaign
Agency: Insight NZ
Advertiser: Roche


Roche have a drug (called G-CSF) that can improve the survival rates of cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, while it is available in New Zealand many of our cancer specialists do not use it, or they use it in some cases and not others.

However, traditional methods of communication were not working, and doctors were not listening. We had a very important job to do.


If you have cancer chances are you'll get chemotherapy. You typically receive it in cycles – one week of chemo, two weeks off, then another week of chemo, and so on for 4, 6 or perhaps more cycles.

Chemo is basically a poison supposed to kill off the cancer. Trouble is, chemo poisons your other fast-growing cells too – and it can make you really poorly. Chemo can really hammer your white blood cells (WBCs), and with them, your immune system – meaning any otherwise innocuous bug that you meet can result in a potentially life-threatening infection.