São Paulo Alpargatas: Havaianas - Identity



Havaianas is a classic example of the motto “less is more”.

It proves that 30cm of rubber plus 2 straps is all it takes for a flip-flop to be comfortable, beautiful and practical.

In order to communicate the brand and to turn it into one of the coolest, most desirable products in the world, a strategy with a clear objective was designed: to go back to Havaianas’s roots of Brazilian-ness and simple beauty.

That’s how communication turned a mere flip-flop, which was previously worn by people to go to the beach or just stay at home, into a fashion icon. Each and every Havaianas campaign has always had the same point of departure: the flip-flop itself.

And from the flip-flop emerge colors, shapes, joy, exuberance, playfulness, irreverence. In short, values that define the Brazilian identity.

Values that have made Havaianas a unique case: the first truly Brazilian brand to conquer the world.