Walmart Hispanic Heritage Month Campaign


Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) was instituted by President Ronald Reagan in 1988 in recognition of Hispanics contribution to the country, and was timed to coincide with the celebrations of independence of many Hispanic countries (September 15 – October 15), and with the discovery of America.

Though the intention was truly noble, the celebration lacked relevance among Hispanics mainly due to the vast differences among the history and culture of diverse Hispanic groups. Consequently, every year during this month, Hispanics were bombarded by product-centric campaigns that lacked meaning and were basically designed to stimulate additional consumption of products Hispanic consumers were already purchasing, such as CPG's, beer, and soft drinks among others.

Hispanics go to Walmart more than to any other retail store (OmniTel Retail Study, March, 2005), and more than 170,000 Hispanics work for the world's largest retailer, making it the largest employer of Hispanics in the country (walmartstores. com 2009). Walmart also understands how crucial this segment is to the country, as they represent the fastest growing population group in the United States (U.S. Census, 2008). Therefore, Walmart had been committed for many years to continuously support the Hispanic community. However, awareness of Walmart's community involvement was minimal among Hispanics, due to the lack of communications focused on social responsibility initiatives.