2020: Creating insights-based explorative future scenarios

Annette Böhmer
Deutsche Telekom, Germany

Introduction to the creation center

The Creation Center is the creative think tank at Deutsche Telekom that works as an in-house agency-like division with internal and – selectively in co-operation/ joint ventures – also with external partners. Its physical home is in Berlin at the Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs). In the past five years the team has built a strong bridge between research and business by supporting product as well as strategic managers in developing new customer centric product concepts and future strategies. By doing so, the team contributed to the cultural change at Deutsche Telekom and – this is the reason for this paper – the team developed la number of new and interdisciplinary methods in the field of innovation thinking. The Creation Center is a melting pot of cultures and disciplines: People from all over the world and with different backgrounds, such as psychologists, designers, engineers and business economists, are working together and merge their approaches to innovative "fusion-methodologies". One of our latest methodological fusion-approaches will now be described along a practice example.