Insights from the IPA Effectiveness Awards 2012: The employee works - From audience and message to brand medium, mentor and maker

Lorna Hawtin

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To remain remarkable in today's fast-paced business environment, companies need employees who embody this level of engagement and motivation. Which employer wouldn't want a workforce which is driven and passionate about their organisation's success and who is empowered by the brand and its purpose to know how they can personally contribute?

Brand marketers should be wary of treating their internal stakeholders as a secondary audience, merely informed about a new campaign in the final weeks before it launches. After all, a willing engaged employee has been shown to contribute directly to the bottom line of a business.1 Equally, a disengaged employee can be a drain on both energy and productivity. The shocking reality is that, according to a Gallup poll, 71% of UK employees remain unengaged or even worse are actively disengaged. So in a period of unprecedented change, could employee engagement be a catalyst for resurgence that brand marketers have been overlooking?

Employee as audience