Electronic Arts: Optimizing ROI with analytics

Geoffrey Precourt

On the last weekend in October 2011, pro-football fans across America had full exposure to Activision's ads for its newest version of its "Call of Duty" game. With "11*8*11" boldly announcing its launch date, the graphic excitement of the message was disruptive. To gamers, it was the scent of a new passion: Activision's 2010's "Call of Duty: Black Ops" was the year's top seller.

And though it's hard to attract the undivided attention of a sports fan engrossed in the fortunes of his home team, it was harder still to ignore the bombast of the "Modern Warfare 3" message:

But, back in the land where marketers live, there was another kind of combat going on. Electronic Arts (EA) already was in the market with its contender to the market leader. And so confident was maker of the new Battlefield 3 game that the EA marketers supplied it with an in-your-face tagline targeted right at the competition: "Above and Beyond the Call."