Freixenet – From Minelli to Scorsese

Category: Idea for New product or New content.


This is a story about a famous brand of sparkling wine from Spain called, Freixenet. In particualr it is a tale of how a change in communication strategy inspired a radical change in creative work which, in turn, helped the brand justify a 30% increase in price in a declining market.

The paper describes how a long-running, TV advertising campaign was transformed into some highly original long-form branded content. The centre-piece of the creative work was a 9 minute film created by Martin Scorsese, supported by many channels; from tv trailers to official blogs.

The central strategic tool that was used was the classic distinction between stimulus and response – the difference between what communications says, and what the consumers take out. In this way it helped tease out and preserve the things that really made the campaign special, versus simply the executional cues. En route, the new strategy tackled that tricky 'celebrity question', and understood that celebrities need to be used for their talent and integrity, and not just their good looks and fame. It also changed the product that featured in the communications and exploited the media channels to ensure that the content became famous.