Tapping the wire – Audience response research in a non-linear age

Jennie Beck
TNS Media Research/Kantar Media, United Kingdom


Broadcasters have been measuring audience response since the early days of radio and TV and these measures have become increasingly important as audience reach declines through fragmentation – and while digital growth creates that need, it also creates the tools that can most accurately reflect today's multi-platform programme consumption and response.

The paper will review existing practice in audience response research around the world before going on to define the need for new approaches – recall-based methodologies that take account of viewing anytime and on any platform; and exploitation of new audience measurement technologies to offer more than just audience headcounts.

To bring the topic up to date, the paper will look at results from on-going development projects in this area – a recall-based approach that is content-led and therefore delivers audience response for all viewing occasions; and an exploration of how return path data can be used to assess audience engagement.