Tontine: The first pillow with a 'best-before' date

Agency: Happy Soldiers
Advertiser: Tontine
Authors: Mark Sareff and Sophie Price
Total Campaign Expenditure: $1 – 2 million

Strategic communications challenge

Even though Tontine, Australia's biggest pillow manufacturer, had over 50% share of the pillow market they had a dual problem. Their category was stagnant and retailer own label was taking increasingly bigger bites out of their share.

Very little had been done by any of the pillow brands beyond periodic price promotions. The category was increasingly merchandised as an undifferentiated sea of white (worst in Discount Department Stores which account for the bulk of pillows sold). Pillows were becoming more and more commoditised.

Compounding this, people weren't buying pillows as often as they should: They had no way of telling it's time to change their pillow. More than simple inertia, most love their favourite pillow so much they actively resist changing. Even when it's obvious their pillow is disgusting they remain wilfully blind.