IBM Sweden: CIO Professional Training Forum

Ogilvy One Stockholm


Category: Information Technologies
Country where program ran: Sweden
Date program started/ended: November 2008 to February 2010

Product Description: CIO Forum is an exclusive membership program which IBM launched for CIO:s and IT-managers in Sweden in 2004. IBM does not communicate with the members on a regular basis, instead they are invited to a 3-hour event twice a year.

Advertiser/Client Name: IBM Sweden
Media Channels: Direct Mail


Marketplace Challenge:

Being the number one business leader within IT management, the Chief Information Officer is the number one prey for every IT-supplier in Sweden. Naturally, IBM has several competitors, all fighting to get the CIO's attention. In Sweden, amongst this target group, the respect for IBM is great, but there is a general perception that IBM is "the big blue", a not very personal company that is all about "sell, sell, sell". In order to reach out to the best CIO:s in Sweden and to start building a stronger relationship with them, IBM launched the CIO Forum in 2004. Twice a year, a selected number of CIO:s and IT managers are being invited to tailor-made events where they can network with colleagues and IBM representatives. The first four years, each event revolved around IBM technology. SOA, Virtualization, Green IT were examples of topics, and several IBM sales persons attended each event. Results were neither poor nor great, but not as satisfying as IBM had hoped for. In 2008, IBM asked us to both come up with a new event strategy as well as a new communication concept to improve the CIO Forum. The biggest two challenges were: