Irish Life Retail: Independence Day



Chemistry is a full service, independent, autonomous agency. Founded in April 1999, we have already made a major impact on the Irish advertising market. As well as working on challenger brands and new launches, we also work with market leaders like Kerry Foods, Irish Life and permanent tsb. Instead of simply benchmarking ourselves against local opposition, now we do so against international, with great success so far. We are one of only 2 Irish agencies ever to be featured in D&AD, the only Irish agency ever to be featured in The One Show and the only Irish agency to win Gold at Cannes.


In August 2006, Irish Life Retail launched a major advertising and PR campaign to promote Pensions Awareness for women. What makes this so interesting and ultimately added to its impact in the market is that it didn't start as a formal client brief. The marketing priorities for the year had already been set and budgets allocated. But while working on market plans, we identified a significant gap in the pensions market. 50% of Irish workers had no pension.1