Driving data to television: Bringing the right stuff to the first screen

Helen Katz and Steve Murtos
Starcom Mediavest Group

Looking at the history of television over the past 60 years, one thing has become clear. The ratings for individual programs have witnessed a steady decline. At the same time, Nielsen reports that the average viewing in TV households has steadily grown. So what can we do about this?

Well we cannot, nor do we want to, abandon the 'first screen' of TV. It still accounts for the majority of time people spend with 'a screen', and of course it also still accounts for the largest ad spend of any media type. What has changed, however, is our ability to use and apply data to television.

Indeed, the future of video has become an increasingly complex space. At SMG we have moved from silos of TV, online video, mobile or tablets to what we now call precision video across all screens. The challenge is understanding and taking advantage of the consumer, or human experience with those screens.