Agency: Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper Author: Julie Karakashian

Hooper's Hooch: 'How to avoid becoming a Babycham'


At the start of 1998, Bass and Euro RSCG were faced with a difficult challenge. Hooper's Hooch was under threat of potential destruction its image undermined by the category at large. Our deepest fears were of another Babycham, associated with underage, feminine drinkers.

This paper aims to demonstrate how advertising helped to reposition the Hooper's Hooch brand reestablished its adult credibility, and provided credentials as an acceptable, adult alcoholic beverage.


Hooper's Hooch was launched in June 1995 and led the way to creating a sector, known as flavoured alcoholic beverages (FABs) or in layman's terms 'alcopops'. Brands that competed with Hooper's Hooch were Two Dogs, Bacardi Breezer and Moscow Mule.