SAB Miller – Redd's

Packaging Branded (Food & Drink)


REDD'S sweet, light beer aimed at women was an instant hit when it launched in Russia in 2004, making it one of the fastest growing brands in SAB Miller's premium portfolio. At its height, it had 4.1%1 volume share of the super-premium beer market in Russia.

But its success inspired global competitor brands to launch super-premium light beers into the market, and as a result its volume market share fell to 2.6% by December 20072. REDD'S simply couldn't justify its elevated price positioning when other brands were offering more premium packaging at much lower price points. And in a market where style and class is everything, REDD'S unimaginative colour codes and lightened masculine beer cues meant image conscious women didn't want to be seen drinking it. In short, REDD'S was in desperate need of desirability in a crowded market place.