Adding value to CSM: the Kano model

Michael Lieberman

I was attending a conference at a resort hotel in Orlando, Florida, standing in the lobby trying in vain to connect to a client who needed to discuss the results of a range of multivariate output. To my chagrin, my cellphone would not pick up a signal. Imagine my surprise when the nearby concierge, viewing my angst, permitted me to use his phone to complete the call. He even dialled the number for me.

When I phoned room service, I was greeted with a polite, 'Good evening, Mr Lieberman.' The room was immaculate and comfortable, and upon check-out I received a small, handwritten note of thanks from the clerk for staying with this resort, and wishing me well on my travels.

Needless to say, I was delighted by the excellent service and wonderful room, and when I return to Orlando (hopefully with my wife and daughter), we will certainly beat a path to this resort, not only for its proximity to Disney World, but for the excellent service and warm, welcoming atmosphere.