Data analysis: Listen to the data

Bobby Hui
G2 Joshua

Improving engagement with the 24/7 connected consumer requires brands to better analyse data to gain a deeper understanding of how people behave online.

As the route to consumers becomes increasingly complex within a technology-driven, always-on network of communication channels, insightful and live planning is vital for the success of effective targeting and campaign strategy.

Traditional marketing methods to engage audiences are no longer effective in the current consumer landscape. Consumers function in such varied ways, communicating across diverse platforms, that in order for marketers to create real engagement, they must seamlessly tie into their conversations. The best way to tap into these is online, using the immense offering of social media and other online networks.

We are living in a 24/7 connected world which means that push messaging is not the only option when trying to engage an audience. To achieve effective communications, brands have to tap into social communities in a way they were not able to before and use their insight and response to forge stronger consumer engagement with campaigns.