Measuring Marketing Effectiveness and Value: The Unisys Marketing Dashboard

Amy Miller
Unisys Corporation

Jennifer Cioffi
Venture Communications


In today's economically challenging business environment, no organization is exempt from performance measurements. With increasing pressures to cut costs, all budgets are under scrutiny-how do we become more effective, faster, and for less? When economic times are turbulent, marketing budgets are typically at the top of the “hit list.” Marketing leaders are now being asked to show results or payback for their spending, and measurement systems are a useful way of providing uniform statistics on program results. However, measuring marketing impact and ROI has historically proven to be difficult if not Impossible. Many factors, such as soft objectives and multiple marketing strategies, have hindered attempts to measure it. Furthermore, marketing teams have been frustrated by not having the tools to benchmark results, track progress, correlate activities, adjust investments, or demonstrate tangible results.