Consumer Segmentation and Media

John Svendsen
Carat Insight

Almost all top executives would claim that their organisations are, or are in the process of becoming, customer led. The last 15 years of tqm (total quality management), cip (continuous improvement programmes), bpr (business process re-engineering) and now crm (customer relationship management) have engendered a new creed, which makes it impossible to claim otherwise.

The reality is somewhat different.

The production and selling orientations that we are supposed to have outgrown are alive and well. Very few organisations have taken on the marketing concept (Exhibit 1). We still prefer to sell what we make or do rather than satisfy the needs and wants of our customers. If that were not enough, the pressures of short-termism make the difficult long-term transition (from selling orientation to marketing orientation) even more difficult. There are many other reasons, not least the background of senior management. There are many financiers and engineers at the top, but not many marketers.