The Role of Broadcast in the Media Mix of 2003

O. Andrew Jung

Emerging technologies – Is the future now?

Emerging technologies are not going away, despite Jamie Kellner's efforts and many people's hopes. Video-on-demand capabilities are currently in 10 million homes with projections suggesting it will reach 20 million homes by the end of this year. Personal video recorders are in 1.5 million homes and set-top boxes are flying off the shelves. The buzz is deafening; consumers finally understand.

Digital television is currently in 40 to 45 million homes, which represents a combination of both digital cable and satellite homes. These numbers are starting to make a difference in consumers' television viewing behaviors, and new habits will form. As viewers' behaviors change, so should advertisers'. It's time to seriously consider the opportunities and accountability that are possible with these new technologies. Advertisers will have a major role to play in the evolution of the medium. We should. Now is a tremendously good time to mix it up with content suppliers, middleware operators, video-on-demand libraries and even traditional television partners working through their capabilities in this new era.