The Renaissance of Chateau Lagrange. How Suntory rebuilt the value of a classified growth winery in Bordeaux

Seiichi Nagata

(Suntory France SA) France


Background of Suntory

Suntory, founded in 1899 by the Torii family, is the leading wines and spirits company in Japan and one of the world's leading drinks groups. The company started by producing wine and developed into the whisky business.

At the beginning of the 1980s, Suntory was Japan's leading wine producer, but its business was largely domestic. The company recognised that, with the growth of the domestic market, the position of Suntory had to be strengthened.

The decision was taken to develop Suntory's wine business globally and, as a first step in this globalisation, to acquire a vineyard in France.

Chateau Lagrange

For many centuries Bordeaux has been synonymous with great wine and is regarded as the world's leading quality vineyard area. In December 1983, Suntory acquired Chateau Lagrange, in the Mdoc region of Bordeaux.