Stouffer's – Reigniting Stouffer's Iconic Status

JWT, New York


Yes, you read that right.

Stouffer's is an iconic American brand. It's the Microsoft and the Starbucks of the frozen entrée category.

And our challenge was similar to those facing these other brand behemoths: to constantly remind people that the brand is just as relevant today as it was “back then.”

Founded as a small coffee shop in 1922, Abraham and Lena Stouffer first started freezing their delicious dinners for busy commuters. They quickly established a reputation for high quality and ultimately became known as a brand that helped liberate a whole generation of working women from the tyranny of scratch cooking.

Feminist zeal abated in the 80s and Stouffer's role began shifting from a workingwoman's trusted frozen-friend to that of a passé dinnertime fixture. It was increasingly being associated with mom's shame than with mom's salvation.