Marketing – a fading meteor or brightest star in the firmament?

By Malcolm McDonald

Emeritus Professor, Cranfield University School of Management Chairman, Brand Finance

As a result of my experience as a judge for the IPA Effectiveness Awards in June 2010 and against the principles of best scholarly practice, I felt compelled to write a very personal comment on the state of marketing at the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century. I will start with the good news, move on to the bad news and then make a prognosis about the future of marketing.

In a paper published in the UK's leading academic journal, I cited 50 scholarly references testifying to the fact that marketing's bright beginnings in the 1960s were not built on, that the academic community had become largely an irrelevancy, and that practitioners in the main have failed to embrace the marketing concept and the proven tools and techniques of marketing.