Agency: McCormick Publicis Author: Ian Sippitt

EMI/Virgin: Now That's What I Call Advertising Success


This paper concerns itself with the role that television advertising has played in the success of the 'Now that's what I call music' series of compilation albums. McCormick Publicise handled volumes 3 to 6 across the period 1984 to 1986.

Consumer research data in this market are notable by their absence and, hence, it is particularly difficult to be able to isolate the role of advertising in sales success. Nevertheless, following an initial media test which was conducted to isolate the effect of advertising, national TV advertising was a crucial part of the launch of each album. The four records, as a whole, were in the Top Ten for a total of 39 weeks and at No. 1 for 17 weeks, despite some considerable competition.


The pre-recorded music market