Software for social and Market Research. Ukranian Experience

Natalija Gasanenko
Tanya Koshechkina
SOCIS-GALLUP International, Ukraine


We believe it would make sense to give at the beginning some general information on our country. It is one of a newly-divorced ex-Soviet states.

Ukraine has a population about the same as that of Britain, and a land area equal to that of Britain and Germany combined. Ukraine has suffered man-made famine under Stalin, Chernobyl fallout under Gorbachev, and now massive economic dislocation after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Ukraine, a state in South-Eastern Europe (we in Ukraine strongly believe that the geographic centre of Europe is situated near the city of Rakliv in Zapkarpats'ka oblast'), proclaimed its independence on 24 August, 1991, and confirmed this status on 1 December of the same year. The territory of Ukraine is 603,700 The population of Ukraine was 52,100,000 of which 60% are urban, 32 – rural population. Administratively, the territory of Ukraine consists of the Republic of Crimea and 24 regions (oblast). The capital of Ukraine is Kiev.