A new roadmap for ad optimization: Integrating neuroscience with leading advertising research

Mitzi Lorentzen
Millward Brown
Elissa Moses
Kelley Peters
Post Foods


In their efforts to understand the full spectrum of consumer response to brand communications, marketers are looking to augment the learning they gain from traditional research with new and innovative techniques. Among the most promising new approaches are those based on advances in applied neuroscience, which promise to shed light both on cognitive response and more visceral emotional reactions.

Marketers are seeking practical examples of neuroscience methods combined with traditional quantitative research that deliver robust and actionable insights. This case study demonstrates how marketers are leveraging the best of both worlds for the next generation of advertising development research. The integrated research described here points to new roads for optimization of brand communications and provides insights into how advertising can increase in-market potential.

Background: Post shredded wheat (PSW)