The true story… behind triathlete moms

Dave McCaughan
McCann WorldGroup Asia Pacific

Recently McCann Truth Central, McCann Worldgroup's thought leadership group completed a global look at mothers with children aged zero to twelve. We talked to them about a wide range of issues as we tried to explore what might be common about the way they were influenced, and influencing others via modern technologies and social media. This month I wanted to point out a few examples that in showing how Japanese mothers responded differently to those of both Western and developing countries tells us something about their attitudes and life histories.

Take a look at Chart 1. We asked mothers across a number of countries to think about what might be a "fantasy app" for their phones. Something they wish their phone could do that would change or help daily life. Then in an on-line poll of approximately 9,000 women across eight countries, we asked them to vote for which of the most popular ten app suggestions we had received that they would choose. You can see that the ability "to time travel" through the difficult bits of life was the most popular choice nearly everywhere, followed by the ability to see into the future. However this was not everywhere. Indian women wanted their partner to be more aware of their feelings. Chinese women were the most likely to want their phone to act as a virtual taxi getting their kids between their various activities more efficiently. What was the Japanese mother's most common choice? Over 25% said they would like their phone to be able to cook dinner for them.