IBM: Seer 2.0

OgilvyOne London

Entry Information

Category: Information Technologies
Country where program ran: U.K.
Date program started/ended: 21.06.2010 – 04.07.2010

Product Description: To create a smarter Wimbledon experience we created a free mobile application, IBM SEER 2.0. The application gave the C suite audience and general public the ability to see and experience more at Wimbledon. They were able to literally see through the walls of Wimbledon, to the showcourts beyond.

Advertiser/Client Name: IBM
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Marketplace challenge:

IBM wants the world to believe that they can make the planet a smarter place. We decided to demonstrate this by actually doing something smart, rather than just talking about it: by giving a live demonstration of how IBM makes Wimbledon the world's smartest tennis tournament.