The Economist

Principal Authors: Jeff Lush and Magall Barreyat-Baron, AMV BBDO
Contributing Author: Craig Mawdsley, AMV BBDO

Introduction - tough times, but not for all

It is a commonplace idea that traditional publishers of news and analysis are having a tough time of it, and it is almost as widely known that The Economist has managed to buck this trend.

Not only has it been tremendously successful in terms of global expansion, but also with domestic growth in the UK, where The Economist had entered the new century with double-digit growth (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: The Economist circulation in the UK
Source: ABC UK bi-annual data JJ=January to June, JD=July to December

These Audit Bureau of Circulations figures are the industry standard, and we shall be using them throughout this paper. Just as sales in FMCG markets are monitored by Nielsen, sales in newspapers and magazines are audited by ABC, who report a year in two halves: January to June and July to December.