Kmart (Australia): 1000 Mums


The Kmart (Australia) "1000 Mums" campaign was conceived to reignite the market's interest in a brand that had been all but abandoned by its primary market – mothers.

The business situation

In 2011, the Australian retail sector was in the doldrums (Australian Bureau of Statistics: NSW Department Stores recorded annualised decline of 3.7% 2010 to 2011, a loss of AUD$222 million), dogged by shopper's ability to choose cheaper online imports. And the market was more focussed on saving than spending.

Kmart, a discount department store, one of Australia's biggest retailers for 40 years with 180 stores, had failed to perform financially for ten years. The situation was dire and the parent company, Wesfarmers, was considering closing the Kmart business down.

A year earlier, in an effort to correct the situation, Kmart had shifted from a High-Low pricing model to an Every Day Low Prices (EDLP) model, but had not succeeded conveying this change in the competitive retail communications environment. Kmart was also battling perceptions of providing an overall poor quality shopping experience.

The marketing strategy