“Tweetmiotics” – Using Twitter as a consumer centric research tool

Karina Besprosvan
Chile and LATAM, OMG Research, Chile

David Oyarzun
DDB, Chile


We are living in a culture of visibility – an environment where it has become normal to have what used to be private, hidden or personal shifted into the public space – sometimes purposefully, sometimes not. The average person's life, thoughts, even bored are captured, broadcasted and glorified – through reality television, social networks, mobile technology – and even by researchers like ourselves. Using the new tools of Web 2.0 to seek fame and fortune, most people (who we will call the Exposed or visible) are using them to understand others and be understood themselves. In the broadest sense, the culture of exposure is a field of interpersonal activity (including commerce) that is founded on one principal belief: that there is value in sharing what has historically been considered personal or private with a wide swath of possibly unknown others. As a result, ordinary individuals began to add a new tool to their communication styles, expressing themselves as broadcasters – projecting new forms of content about themselves to “the world out there”.