Valuing in-store marketing: transforming the store into a measured medium

Kathryn Young
The Procter & Gamble Company, United States

George Wishart
Nielsen In-Store, United States


In-store media has existed since the first general store (see Figure 1). Retailers and manufacturers had sought to communicate with consumers in-store, from early packages and signs, to today's displays, interactive cart technologies, scent delivery, digital signs, radio, in-store theater, demonstrations – the list grows exponentially.

Yet there has not been a similar growth in the metrics available for marketers and retailers to truly understand the power and potential of retail as a marketing medium. Better measuring in-store media will improve our ability to strategically plan and execute in-store events, create an effective in-store environment, and do so with strong ROIs that retailers and manufacturers demand. Through in-store audience measurement coupled with appropriate media-planning and event evaluation tools, we will understand how to use retail media most effectively to deliver compelling and productive marketing messages at the point-of-purchase.