Dark and Lovely Au Naturale: Curl power

Category: African-American
Brand/client: Dark and Lovely Au Naturale / SoftSheen-Carson
Lead agency: Publicis Kaplan Thaler
Contributing agencies: Bratskeir & Company

State of the marketplace & brand's business

Most women of African descent are born with naturally curly or kinky hair. In African-American haircare, this textured hair is referred to as "natural." However, for various historical, societal and aesthetic reasons, relaxers (a cream product that chemically alters textured hair so that it looks and behaves as if naturally straight) used to rule the world of AA haircare. In that world, Dark and Lovely—makers of the first relaxer kit for home use—was royalty. However, as society began to embrace diversity and women started to believe in the power of their natural curls again, the standard started to shift. Soon, relaxer sales began to wane and natural hair products became the fastest growing segment in ethnic haircare.