De Bijenkorf: The crazy queue

Agency name: Selmore
Client name: De Bijenkorf
Category: Retail or Trade Marketing


What was the state of the business before the campaign began? De Bijenkorf is the leading department store in the Netherlands, made unique by its hundreds of events, its magazine and its spectacular window displays. It is a premium department store with a wide-ranging and constantly optimised product and brand portfolio. At de Bijenkorf, you can find both top international brands and the company's own brands of fashion, cosmetics, accessories, homewares, media and travel services.

What were the specific challenges and opportunities that the client and/or brand/product faced?

Every year, de Bijenkorf organises the biggest sales promotion in the Netherlands, known as the Drie Dwaze Dagen (Three Crazy Days). On these days, all of our stores are filled with luxury brands for crazily low prices. All special offers are listed beforehand in three digital booklets. Much-sought-after printed booklets are also distributed.