Perspective 2013: Breakaway brands of 2012

Mich Bergesen and Stephanie Simon
Landor Associates

Despite the hills and valleys that Facebook's stock price has endured since it went public, there may still be reason to hold out hope for the world's social network. According to Landor's Breakaway Brands® study, which measures sustained growth in brand strength over a three-year period, Facebook was leading the pack as the most relevant and differentiated brand up until 2011. If it can thrive in a recession, will it be able to pull through a disastrous IPO? Or will it be unfriended for good? This year's Breakaway Brands study provides interesting insights into those brands that have sustained strong upward momentum since 2008, and the essential characteristics that have resonated most in trying times.

From tech brands that help people stay in touch globally while keeping the phone bill down, to packaged goods brands that offer healthy choices and convenient coffee breaks, this year's Breakaway list includes names that were singled out by consumers as those they turn to and rely on to make life better.